I had an amazing opportunity to be one of the six members of this program called MAKERSPACE(COHORT 1.0)

Due to the lock down ,the college classes were delayed and i was growing restless from staying home all the time .on my friend’s advice ,i decided to attend this internship meetup by studymonk.

A week later ,i got a call to take the interview and started with the internship program soon after that.

The program started with encouraging us to have goals and to deal with interview and the importance of networking . We also had group sessions on public speaking.And the main goal was to learn at least one of the computer languages

Being an introvert , public speaking is the most toughest thing to do, not saying i’am already out of my social facilitation ,its only been a week, im trying to come out of my comfort zone and everyone of the mentor there is so considerate and very friendly. I guess ill be more of a confident public speaker by the end of this program

Coming back to programming , i was a bio-math student in my high school and after entering into college, i had python in my first semester ,with having the worst professor a student could possibly have, i completely started to hate programming .But after coming to makerspace and learning programming from someone who is passionate about coding i kind of started finding programming interesting , but i should mention that i’m only in the starting stage of learning programming .

Who would’ve thought that I, a civil engineering student who was afraid of programming initially, would find programming interesting and again i’m not gonna tell that i completely know programming already but I’ve gained confidence that i can learn programming

even though its only been a week , its been an enriching experience